Office Moves:

Every Commercial move is unique and therefore, an onsite office estimate should be completed to allow us to meet your special needs and circumstances. Whistler Movers has successfully moved companies of various sizes locally and across the continent.

Commercial moves can be completed during evenings or weekends to provide a more transparent service to your company and employees. With each move there is a designated coordinator, to insure the move progresses on time, and in an orderly fashion. Removable labels will also be supplied, to organize the relocation. Plastic bins are available for rental or boxes may be purchased the choice is yours.

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Office Moving Tips

Desks and Credenza's: Are often moved on their sides, contents must be removed. Label these items on the top.

Filling Cabinets: Remove all contents. Label on the upper right corner.

Copiers: Check to see if the service company will allow an outside mover to relocate the machine. Failure to do so may void your machine's warranty. If given the go ahead, remove all inks and toners and find out whether the copier requires some special servicing. Label top right corner.

Appliances: Must be emptied of all loose articles. Label top front right corner

Boxes: Do not over or under pack your box as they are stacked for transportation. Ensure both sides are taped closed. Label boxes only on the side for easy viewing by our movers.

Bookcases and Storage Cabinets: Empty these items completely. Bookshelf pegs should be removed and placed in a secure location. All removed shelves should be labeled separately and placed at the bottom of the bookcase. label bookcases on one of its sides. Storage cabinets should be labeled on the front right corner.

Tables and Work Benches: Clear surface area of debris. These items should be tagged on the top surface area.

Computers: These items must be disconnected by your company. Service, warranty or leasing agent must be notified, you are moving your equipment. Personal computers will be blanket wrapped and packed into commercial moving bins by the movers. tag each piece of computer equipment separately with the employee's assigned number.

Delicate Material: Mark if FRAGILE! To assure special handling, be sure to advise the supervisor of it's sensitive nature. Proper labeling and communication is essential for moving these items safely.

Office Furniture Disassembly: We will disassemble most office furniture. However, some partitions units may require specialized services such as an electrician or professional installation services.

Metal Shelving: All items must be removed from shelving prior to moving. Metal shelves usually need to be disassembled for safe and easy transport

Employees: Must remove and transport all personal belongings (i.e., purses, family photo's etc.) The movers will not be responsible for loss or damage to these articles.

Labelling: Each individual work area should be given a number such as #28 this number will represent the employee or work station in that area, and a numerical dash i.e., 28-6 will represent each piece (i.e., desk, filling cabinet, computer etc.) Everything must be tagged no matter how seemingly inconsequential (i.e., floor mats, garbage cans, etc.) Items without a tag will not be moved. A corresponding floor plan should be drawn up for both the pickup and delivery location to direct the movers to the appropriate locations. All this seems meticulous but it will ensure a smooth-flowing move and will save your company money.

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